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Current Issues

Break­ing News About Rock Canyon

The min­ing conflict

span­ning more than a decade

has finally been resolved!


Provo City now owns the iconic cliffs of Rock Canyon.

We have every rea­son to believe that Provo 

will pro­vide excel­lent stew­ard­ship for its com­mu­nity jewel.

The Rock Canyon Preser­va­tion Alliance gives a SHOUT-OUT to:   

Sen­a­tor John Valentine

… who quickly stepped in after the ini­tial min­ing in 2003 and pur­chased anin­ter­est in the prop­erty under the name of Red Slab, which pro­vided an impor­tant layer of pro­tec­tion for the threat­ened canyon cliffs.

Sen­a­tor Valen­tine not only spent per­sonal funds, but also pro­vided many hours of legal exper­tise to pro­tect the canyon. His ded­i­ca­tion and com­pe­tent han­dling of the issue has been remarkable.

Another hearty SHOUT-OUT to: 

Mayor John Curtis

… who has done every­thing humanly pos­si­ble since tak­ing office four years ago to secure the preser­va­tion of Provo CIty’s beloved Rock Canyon.

Mayor Cur­tis per­son­ally han­dled the nego­ti­a­tions which led to the favor­able set­tle­ment now in place.  His behind-the-scenes work with legal advis­ers, Red Slab, our Alliance, Provo’s City Coun­cil and ulti­mately with the Davis fam­ily was noth­ing short of heroic.

Along with Mayor Cur­tis and Sen­a­tor Valen­tine, there have been many stel­lar Provo City offi­cials and staff mem­bers who have tire­lessly worked on this crit­i­cal effort to pro­tect our beloved canyon. KUDOS all around!

Finally, we thank the Richard Davis fam­ily - pre­vi­ous own­ers of the cliffs — for meet­ing with our Alliance lead­ers to brain­storm solu­tions and com­ing to the table with Provo City to forge the final his­toric resolution.

On this day of cel­e­bra­tion, the Alliance is deeply grate­ful and inspired by the united com­mu­nity effort behind the preser­va­tion of Rock Canyon.   Our long-standing Rock Canyon Preser­va­tion Alliance has been instru­men­tal in sav­ing the canyon from becoming:

  •  A Ser­vice Road - dur­ing the 1970s and 1980s
  •  A Condo Devel­op­ment -dur­ing the 1990s
  •  A Rock Quarry - in the 2000s.
None of these sig­nif­i­cant vic­to­ries could have hap­pened with­out the com­mu­nity sup­port and so the Alliance thanks YOU, the car­ing citizens.

Now, the whole com­mu­nity can stand with new-found con­fi­dence that each of us, as well as our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren will find Rock Canyon as a place of enliven­ing recre­ation, per­sonal renewal, and ongo­ing inspi­ra­tion.   Even if we sim­ply look east­ward while strolling down a Provo street and our eyes set­tle on the iconic cliffs at the mouth of the canyon, the mag­nif­i­cence of the sight will carry us for­ward.   

Rock Canyon is the most acces­si­ble bio­log­i­cally rich area in the val­ley.  It is one of the few remain­ing access points to the ecosys­tems of the Wasatch front.” Dr. Renee Van Buren

Rock Canyon is one of the few remain­ing ‘urban forests’ in the United States which is eas­ily acces­si­ble and free for pub­lic use.”  Francine Ben­nion, RCPA Founder